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Fitness, Diet, Gym, Exercise

Lecture power point -Health 11

Thursday 8th September 2011 - 3:24:08 PM

lecture 14

Lecture power point – Health 2

Thursday 8th September 2011 - 3:23:07 PM

lecture 13

Exercise for your body and brain

Wednesday 21st April 2010 - 5:19:43 PM

A 2005 Finish study revealed that middle-age men and women who exercise at least twice a week and eat healthy diet can reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) by 50% . This is a scary disease so keep moving your butt, guys.


Natural Muscle Growth?

Monday 13th July 2009 - 2:29:16 PM

shutterstock_25818580.jpg     Many athletes and fitness fanatics have been willing to live with the legal, professional, and health risks of illegal steroids.

To develop a healthier approach to “being ripped,” a creative team, led by Dr. Robert Shorr, recognized that accelerating the stem cell activity and sleep were equally important parts of fitness.


The core muscle building component, “eggplant extract,” is a natural dietary adult stem cell agonist. The eggplant extract quickly goes to work recruiting the sleeping adult stem cells in bone marrow and starts repairing the micro-tears and building new muscle. It is that combination of elements and interactions that works like magic, for the ultimate easy and safe results we each want, need and deserve.


By using this supplement you can:


  • Dramatic increase in strength and improved endurance
  • Reduced recovery time to hours not days
  • More repetitions and improved muscle definition
  • A decrease in body mass index (BMI) and greater muscle tone
  • Higher sustained energy and more consistent energy throughout the day
  • Improved rest and sleep — the most common benefit



For more information about this supplement go here.


Feeling dizzy? Blame your workout!

Tuesday 21st April 2009 - 8:27:12 PM

shutterstock_20570581.JPGAre you instantly light headed when you jump from your chair? Believe it or not, that may be due to your excellent exercise habits!

Study from Britain’s Oxford Brookes University says that psycically fit women are more prone to feeling woozy that those who are less active.  I’m light headed often so I like to hear that. :-) I thought that it is because I have low blood preassure but this sounds better, right?

Researchers say that super-active women tend to have lower RHR (resting heart rate) because their stronger hearts don’t need to beat as quickly to pump blood throught the body. As a result, they feel the effects of even small shifts in blood pressure, such as drop that occurs when you rise from your chair too quickly.

(by Marcela Vanharova)

source: SHAPE,May2009, p.120.